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"I purchased a house in Parker that was left in rough shape after three animals have lived in it previously. You can feel how heavy the air was in this home and it had me very concerned. The place was caked with hair and dust and I was in need of a deep clean, first starting with the air ducts. From the first call I made to Brandon until our handshake at the end, everything about him was totally honest and stand up. We have a 10 month old baby boy and all of the work that we needed had his concerns at the top. Brandon first walked the home with me, counting all of the areas that needed attention. We mapped out a game plan and wrote up figures as we moved along. We agreed to a very reasonable price for the amount of work that needed to be done. When he was done, he took photos of everything he did and sent them to me via text, which was awesome. I was very satisfied with the outcome of his work and if I could rate him higher I would. I will definitely be working with him again in the future for any HVAC services, since he does more than just cleaning air ducts. Here is a list of the things he did in my home during that visit:
-Cleaned every return and supply vent, using a very cool air hose system that goes very far into the vent.
-Cleaned out the blow motor, on the furnace, that was caked with about 1/2 inch of dust.
-Cleaned out the dryer vent from the machine to the outside of the home. It was so bad it didn't even function. He cleaned it clear.
-Took an air compressor to the fans on the ceiling of the bathrooms, which were also caked with dust and barely working. They now operate fine.
-Fixed insulation on my condenser unit outside.
-Helped secure a loose vent under the laminate flooring.
-Sprayed the home with baby-safe hospital grade germ cleaner." Joe O.

"Being a "Senior Citizen" my son thinks I am at risk for being taken advantage of. After my ducts, furnace and dryer vents were cleaned along with the santitizing my son wanted to be shown what was done. Brandon was gracious enough to meet with my son and went over the bill and showed him some before and after pictures. My son was very satisfied as well as myself. Thank you." -Linda S.

"Did an amazing job and was super kid friendly. Very professional and I never felt like Brandon was "selling" me anything. If you have asthma or allergies this is a must for air cleanliness. There is an immediate difference in air quality. Definitely 5 star service!" -Katie B.

"Brandon was awesome! From the moment I spoke to him on the phone, to the end of the cleaning, I knew Premium Duct Cleaners were the ones to do the job! Brandon was very personable and honest. He told me what it would cost and was very transparent. I compared him to at least 6 other companies and he had the best rating and prices! He even gave me other questions to ask the other companies of things he would be doing for us that they weren't. As soon as I would ask them, they kept coming up with additional charges. We moved into our house two years ago and the air ducts had not been cleaned in the 25 years the house has been standing. They were dirty but Brandon got them very clean! I can already tell the difference in the air and I can't wait to see what it does for my allergies!" -Kristie W.

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